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Introduction:  The Moon and her ways

The Moon is the only satellite of the Earth. It reflects the light and energy of the Sun. Its cycle is the month, of which there are three types:

The sidereal month is the period of the Moon's complete revolution in relationship to the stars. In other words the length of time it takes the Moon to move through all twelve signs of the zodiac; this is 27.3 days. The Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius has statistically confirmed this cycle to coincide with the period of human ovulation.  Use this moon cycle for Wiccan spells.

The calendar month has no direct relationship to the activity or periods of the Moon but was introduced by Julius Caesar. These months vary in length from 28 to 31 days.

The third type of month is called the synodic month and is the period of 29 days between new moons. Astrologically, this is the most important lunar month and the one used in the Oracle of the Moon.  Use this moon cycle for Egyptian spells.

The Moon has a tremendous influence upon us. Within, we sense its presence as energy rising to a climax during full moon before gently fading to naught at the time of new or dark moon. Many comment on the emotional impact of the Moon on their lives, their feelings uplift and intensify during the full moons and periods of calm, or even depression, are experienced at the new moons. Without, we can observe the effect of this cycle on the natural world in many ways: the ebb and flow of tidal currents and greater electrical potential during the new and full moon phases are only two examples.

Throughout time and in many cultures the Moon has been linked to the Goddess. In the classical world the Moon Goddess was called Selene. During the new moon phase, when the Moon is invisible, it was believed She was taken down into the underworld, before being released at the time of the crescent. When growing or waxing the Moon is associated with growth, fertility and nurturing. However, when diminishing or waning the Goddess is both feared and respected as the bringer of decay and darkness. At this time she reminds us of our mortality when she changes her appearance and become the crone, the old woman who heralds death.

The four phases of the moon are marked on many calendars: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. Since the period between these phases is seven days in length, the quarter-cycle is the basis of the seven-day week originated by the Ancient Babylonians. However, the face of the Moon changes a great deal over a week, allowing each of these phases to be divided in half. These are the not so familiar cross-quarter phases: crescent, gibbous, disseminating and balsamic. they are as follows:


New Moon
- Reincarnation and rebirth.
- The time for seeding new thoughts, ideas and actions.
- Let instinctive or gut feelings be expressed.
- Now is not the time to analyze motives, simply put them into action.
- Be passionate and creative with life.
- Think not of yesterday or tomorrow, only today.
- Cast aside the old and outworn.
- The serpent sheds it skin.

- Although enthusiastic, doubt can be discerned.
- Simplicity and naivety diminish, experience and complexity increase.
- Now is not the time to give up.
- Obstacles are your tests and challenges, strengthening resolve and purpose.
- Neither repress misgivings and fears nor act upon them, simply be mindful of their message.
- Initiate projects that have been given much thought.
- Let dreams become realities.
- Look! A boat has been sighted, sailing the western sea.

First Quarter
- The moon reveals half her face, light and dark have become perfectly balanced.
- Those who attempt to tread the middle way and seek the central pillar, should never presume to know the answers.
- Perseverance brings only minor rewards.
- Youth and vitality enjoy life while they can.
- Question not the direction, only the motive.
- Friendships are ephemeral, only love is eternal.
- Aggression and courage are required to make progress in times of crisis.
- The egg has been laid.

- The moon must shed her petals to let the fruit ripen.
- Take stock of your progress and evaluate your position.
- The future may seem bright but forget not that something wonderful is happening now.
- The beauty of life is sacred.
- Feed the soul on love and it will grow.
- Deepening commitment is worthy of praise.
- Prepare a feast for celebration, so much has already been achieved.
- The spider's web remains untouched.

- The time of maximum illumination has arrived.
- Awaken to your consciousness, look directly into your own eyes.
- Falsehoods are hidden, therefore we see only the truth.
- Those who dance high upon the mountain will not thirst.
- The fullest of vessels need to be blessed.
- Seek consummation in your reflection.
- All is perfect if we could but accept.
- There is nothing else to add.

- The knowledge of others is secondary to personal experience.
- Only the fool does not learn from mistakes.
- We only receive that which we deserve.
- What is more frightening, to accept abundance from the universe, or share it with others?
- Now is the time to tell of what is important to you.
- Inner wisdom nourishes the soul of the earth.
- Silence is often the strongest word, stillness, the most direct action.
- The ripening seeds begin to crack.

Last Quarter
- Once more the worlds of light and dark are balanced.
- It is not harmony which deserves merit but its seeking.
- The distinction between an assertion and an assumption is not always clear.
- Many routines become devoid of meaning to the heart.
- The sun always rises in the east but you do not walk in a straight line.
- When the outer world appears confusing always look within.
- The crossroads have been reached, which way?
- Only the shell remains.

- Late into the night a thin sliver of moon rises in the east.
- Now is not the time to fight, rather gather strength for future acts.
- The night is cold and very dark while the seed lies dormant, but safe, in the womb of the earth.
- Close as many doors as you wish but leave ajar the one that leads to your heart.
- The process of change is a long and difficult journey.
- Those who empty the ashes from their hearths have the warmest of fires.
- Since night turns to day and strength into weakness, what is worthless may transform into gold.
- Let go of what you have outgrown. Life then can be rejuvenated in the new cycle


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