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Beautiful Spiral Bees Wax Taper Candles

beeswax candles

Beeswax Temple Candles

We have color-combine all different shades of wax strictly for use at your sacred altar.  If you are looking for a way to flatter your Goddess, these candles add just that extra nice touch!  Our 100% beeswax candles are charged and color-combined to create a desired effect.  Beeswax, an all natural product, leaves low wax residue, burning completely with no soot or dirt residue left on your walls.  Many people prefer beeswax to paraffin because of it's higher natural vibration.  These candles are approximately 15" tall and come packaged in pairs.  Each candle will burn 6 to 10 hours.

Beeswax spiral tapers have all been crafted with different colors
for different magickal uses.
TCN25 15" Tall $8.00 per pair 
New lower prices!!

Please choose from the following beeswax candles:

Astral Projection Attraction Aura Cleansing Beloved
Bewitching Come to Me Commitment Dragons
Harmony Healing Fast Luck Fire of Passion
Gamble Luck Graveyard Dust Hand Fasting Joy
Legal Success Love Meditation Money Draw
Moon Goddess Perfect Mate Prosperity Protection
Reversing Seduction Success Temple
Temptress Uncrossing Waning Moon Wisdom

Sabot Candles

Candlemas Ostara Beltane Litha
Lammas Mabon Hallowmas Yule



How to Use Ancient Memory Candles        

Select the appropriate candle for your needs and place it in a fire-proof candlestick or holder. Then find a place for your candle where it may burn uninterrupted for several hours, away from drafts and flammable objects. Calm and center yourself. When you feel properly focused, anoint them & then light the candle and visualize manifesting your goals. Allow the candle to burn down completely and go out by itself. If for some reason you have to put out the candle, use either a candle snuffer or your hand to extinguish it. Never blow out a ritual candle. It can disperse or "blow away" the energy that you've created for your goals. Burn both candles together for increased power


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