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Points of Light Inc offers a large list of cast iron cauldrons on-line. Every one of them are excellent for multiple uses from burning incense to boiling a special brew.  Take your time and find the one that is for you. 

Some of them are very large and will have to be drop shipped.

Our most popular beginners cauldron
1 pint, 5" dia., Depth: 2-1/2"
TCL32 5" Diameter Cauldron


More Wonderful Cauldrons

cauldr handle
Perfect for making potions, warming butter, melting cheese, scalding milk or heating syrup. Kitchen Witches find this item ideal for a lead ladle

Kettle Cauldron
Our hip little kettle has hundreds of uses.  Half
Pint Serving Kettle,
8 oz., 3-1/2" dia.,
Depth: 2"   

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