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The Goddess Shoppe carries the following Crystal Gazing Balls
and Crystal Ball stands.
All of our Crystal Gazing Balls are hand crafted from the finest 32% lead crystal. Our Crystal Balls have a depth and clarity unsurpassed in the industry.  The colors of the Swarovski Gazing Balls you will view on this page are Radiant beyond description! These are not glass!  They are reconstituted Crystal Balls, infused with color during the melting process,
... gorgeous !!

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Crystal Gazing Ball
Magickal Amplifiers

Stand shown available separately

Clarity, strength, protections, aid from the ancients and forefathers.  If you have to choose just one... this is it!

Rose crystal gazing ball is excellent for scrying and especially for love & heart work. Good offering for Bridget or Iris

Black Reconstituted gazing ball is unbeatable for scrying & releasing negativity.  Good offering for Hecate

Ruby crystal gazing ball is for scrying and bring a boost of energy to your rite. Good offering of Sekhmet or Hera


Emerald  Emerald crystal gazing ball is for scrying and especially for communications work. Good offering for Erzulli or Venus

To deepen love and strengthen a marriage.  Good offering for Isis or Demeter

  Clear    Colors
  TCR050 1 3/5" Ball $8.00
40 mm 

Use for increased communication & added success with any rite. Good offering for Freya or Oshun

TCR050 1 3/5" Ball $13.00
40 mm 

TCR100 2" Ball $10.00
50 mm 

Great healing, inner peace and peace of mind.  Good offering for YaMya or Kwan Yin

TCR100 2" Ball $18.00
50 mm

Clear Crystal Ball. Thousands of enthusiasts around the world collect crystal balls, because of their beauty, symmetrical appeal, vibrational properties, Feng Shui accents, and gazing.

TCR101 3 1/5" Ball $29.00
80 mm 

Amethyst purple crystal gazing ball is unbeatable for scrying and distressing.  An excellent addition to your altar! Good offering for Rhiannon of Morrigan

TCR101 3 1/5" Ball $40.00
80 mm 

  TCR102 4" Ball $34.00
100 mm 

Bring peace and calm to a situation.  Protection of hearth, home, pets and children.  Good offering for Athena or Nikki

TCR103 5" Ball $160.00
125 mm 

  TCR103 5" Ball $100.00
125 mm 
  TCR104 6" Ball $140.00
150 mm 

moon glowMoonlight
Use this wonderful stone for any Full moon ritual.  Good of Selena or Luna

50mm 80mm 100mm 

  TCR106 8" Ball $310.00
200 mm

This is a brand very large 150 mm 6" diameter gazing ball. This ball weighs 13 lbs!!! This ball is made of fused quartz, it's perfectly round and perfectly clear with no inclusions. This ball is perfect for amateur and professional fortune tellers or as a conversation piece in any home. The ball has the same mystical qualities
as fire: you can look into it for hours without getting tired. The ball can also be used as a part of Feng-Shui setup to channel energy throughout the house.

Don't Forget To View The Crystal Ball Stands Available In Our Pewter Section.
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