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The Art of Smudging
The practice of smudging (burning sacred herbs) in a space to bring blessings and purification comes to
us from the various Native North American shamanic traditional practices.  It has lent
itself to Wicca, Druidism and many other facets of spirituality.

 California White Sage Large Bundles
Salvia apiana

White sage from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its  strong aromatic properties. This sage has the strongest scent of all sages we have. These bundles average  8 to 9 inches long and about 1 to 2 inches wide.    $11.00


California Mini White Sage Bundles
Salvia apiana

White sage from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its strong aromatic properties. This
sage has the strongest scent of all sages we have. These small bundles are approximately 3 x 1 inches and are perfect for one-time use.

1 for $5.00  2 for $9.00

California Loose White Sage sage cluster
Salvia apiana
White sage (Saliva apiana) from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its
strong aromatic properties. This sage has the strongest scent of all sages we have. Bulk leaf clusters comes in a
re-sealable bag to keep herb fresh.
1 oz Package   $5.00


House Blessing Sage Blend

The wonders of California sage, blended with Cedar ,Lavender buds and herb.  This mix is great for a general cleansing of your
home, yard, cleansing tarot card, runes, stone, altars & much more.  Burn on a charcoal in your cauldron, throw a bit into the
fireplace or make a strong tea to pure into the bath or laundry.  Comes in a re-sealable bag to keep herb fresh.
1oz Package     $5.00


Sacred Space Sage Blend
One again California sage plays a key roll in the remove of negativity in this potent blend.  Sage blended with rosemary,
frankincense,  myrrh & thyme.  Use this blend for high magick ceremonies, cleansing of your circle and guest on sabot nights,
charging tool & vibration attunements of your cauldron between spells.  A must have for any Priest, Priestess or coven gathering. 
Comes in a re-sealable  bag to keep herb fresh.
1oz Package    $5.00


Black Sage, Loose

Artemisia vulgaris

Black sage  is a medium leafed sage plant, similar to the sage that grows in the Dakotas. The top of the leaf is a medium
 green and the underside is a silvery white. Sometimes this plant is called "Mugwort." It is a fairly common plant and is
known to grow in many parts of the world. It has been used by many people to enhance their dreams & in trance work.
Burn on a charcoal for all healing rites.
2 oz Package  $2.50

Sweet Grass Braids
Beautiful sweet grass braids from Canada.  Sweet grass is considered sacred by many peoples of North America. The smoke of burning sweet grass is said to "clear" objects, places, and people. Often found in medicine bundles & sometimes packed with dance clothes to keep them fresh. Our select braids average about 24 inches. These wondrous "cleansing tools" are great for clearing and purifying your sacred space, altar, crystals or any room in the house. Rid the air of negative energy, place clippings on a hot charcoal brisket in the safety of your cauldron or censer!. Pass the smoldering braid or cauldron through any sacred space.  An excellent choice for any house blessing rite.  

copalBureseru sp
Copal is sacred to the indigenous cultures of the Central and South Americas. It is burned year round in the churches in Mexico,
 but is best known for its use in the homes during Day of the Dead. It is said that the familiar scent of Copal helps the souls
 find their way back during their annual visit home.  Copal's magickal properties are: Inspiration, attraction, invocation,
happiness, celebration,
purification, consecration, contact with other planes & exorcism
  2 oz Package    $3.00

Dragons Blood
dragons blooddaemonorops draco
For those who love Dragon's Blood we offer large chunk pieces of Gold Seal Dragon's Blood resin, also know as Cinnabar.  Attributed to Heh and Pe by the Kabbalists (Aires and Mars) Dragons Blood is also an incense of Fire. It is especially good when mixed with other incense and acts as a boost to their potency. Dragon's Blood comes from the fruit of the Draco trees, and looks like boiling blood when you put it on the charcoal.  A little Dragon's Blood goes a long way. Dragon's Blood magickal properties are: increased power, purifying, protection, consecration, ritual energy, personal strength, virility, victory, victorious celebrations, prosperity & it is a potency booster  
2oz Package    $13.00

frankincesneBoswellia carteri
Frankincense is similar to Olibanum, but is usually differentiated from it by a distinct lemon aroma, as opposed to the Olibanum's orange aroma. Frankincense is called for in many ancient and medieval recipes, and is the most commonly found ingredient in incense blends. The Kohl substance that ancient Egyptian women used to darken the area around the eyes with was made of charred Frankincense or Olibanum sometimes mixed with other resins and herbs. Frankincense's magickal properties are: banishing, consecration, protection, ritual fumigations, divination, exorcism
2oz Package     $3.00

myrrhCommiphora molmol
Myrrh resin is the penultimate scent of the Element of Water. Myrrh was used by the Ancient Egyptians in their embalming process and
for ritual fumigations in many different ancient cultures. A common ingredient in many different incense blends, Myrrh resin is
said to add potency to other resins. 
Our myrrh Resin burns, like other resins with the help of incense charcoal.   Release the intense
fragrance of these fine resin granules.  Myrrh's house blessing properties are as follows: creating sacred space, spirituality, magick, meditation, peace, protection, purification
2oz Package    $3.00

 Mastic Gum
mastic gum Mastic, also known as Mastica, is the gum that comes from a species of Greek pistachio tree.  It has been used in Greece for
 hundreds of years as a remedy for a broad range of gastro-intestinal disorders. It was also a very important incense in the ancient
 world throughout many cultures.  Mastic is also used in the Goetia to control and entice the beings of its realm.  Kabbalistic attributions:
Beth (mercury) 

2oz  Package $19.00

  Large Abalone Shell for Smudging Ritual
The abalone shell is a traditional vessel in which Native American herbs and smudges can be burnt. The shell is great for leaning burning sticks in while they are burning and also with the addition of sand or earth can be then used to help extinguish them afterwards. Also loose herbs or the broken ends of smudge sticks can be placed in the shell for burning, again with or without sand or earth. Approximately 6-8 inches across at widest point

House Blessing Kit
Nicknamed the sea ears, the Abalone's flattened, oval shape with iridescent interior was used by the Native American Indians as a natural vessel for cleansing, offerings and prayers. This smudge kit comes with two mini Sage Bundles, a large Abalone Shell, one Abalone Tripod, one roll of Three Kings Charcoal, 2oz of Frankincense & Myrrh mixed & 2oz of Copal  


Basic Smudge Kit
house blessing

What a way to start a cleansing.  This smudge kit comes with two mini Sage Bundles, a large Abalone Shell &
one Abalone Tripod.  Perfect of cleansing a circle and guest before ritual






Abalone shell with wooden tripod
This combo is only

Charcoal Bricks 33mm & 44mm
The Kings Charcoal... lights every time!
  33mm  10ct Package $2.75 / Box $25.00
 44mm  10ct Package $5.00 / Box $35.00

4 Inch Wooden Tripod Stand
Hold to Abalone shell during rituals





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