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Points of Light Inc offers high quality, hand-crafted oils and incenses custom blended for a distinct consistency. Both Oils and Incense are available in the following fragrances.

Magickally Charged
Blended Powdered Incense & Purpose Oils
But powdered incense will never hurt me!

Mystical Array of Oils & Incense

Purpose oils &  fragrant Magick Powdered incense have been blended for at the correct time of the moon & with just the right aroma concentration. Oils may be used for ritual anointing, candle burning rites, or as a body fragrance, giving you an edge over the mundane.  The powdered incense is made from lots of herbs, essence oils & other natural product, much the way that out fore-witches did...
by hand, by love & by the moon.

Purpose Blends

Abra Merlin Algiers Altar Angel Anubis
Used to opens magickal channels both numeric and alphabetical A gambling oil to wear when placing bets and planning lotteries Used as a blessing oil for altar To call angelic forces to your aide Used when working with Egyptian
God Anubis

Anger Aphrodite Apollo Artemis Astral Projection
To cause anger and strife in someone Used for enticement of love, beauty Used when working with Sun
God Apollo
Used when working with Goddess Artemis to protect your animals  





Athena Attraction Aura Cleansing Banishing Bastet
Used when working with Goddess Athena Victory over injustice To make oneself more attractive to someone.  To make something more appealing Use daily to cleanse the aura for negative influence Use this oil to remove someone or something from your path Used in Egyptian rituals when Bast, the protector of woman, is involved

Bend Over Bes Bewitching Black Art Black Cat
To bend a person or situation to your way Used when working with Egyptian
God Bes to bring in money
Used for enticing and bewitching Used for hexing and in all black art workings Used for either hexing or in bringing
of good luck

Blessing Boss Fix Bridget Buddha Celtic Circle
To add an air of blessing to your rite 
Use on a single candle to say thank you to the gods
Use this oil to make your boss more cooperative Used when working with Goddess Bridget  To bring new love or marriage

Used when working with
God Buddha and meditating
Use at any Celtic rite to strengthen the circle. For casting a Handfasting circle

Celtic Moon Cernunnos Cerridwyn Chango Channeling
Use on a full moon with any Celtic God or Goddess bring straight to the rite Used by males for attraction of females and in celebration of the Horned God Used when working with Goddess Cerridwyn  to attract men Used for the Voodoo God Chango To aide in your protection when channeling

Chypre Circe Cleomay Cleopatra Come to Me
A love oil that brings peace to unhappy relationships, calms jealousy and mistrust, use with a white candle Weave a web around  someone with this Goddess to bind thing from harming Excellent for  luck in gambling when worn on the hands Used for enticing someone you desire Used to attract and draw a desired
individual to you

Commanding Compelling Concentration Confusion Conjure
Use this oils to compel someone to do your bidding very forcefully Use this oils to compel someone to do your bidding To increase your ability to concentrate Used for confusing your enemies Used to conjure magickal energies and spirits

Consecrate Contentment Controlling Court Crossing
Use on the full or new moon to consecrate you tools To become more content with your surroundings Used for controlling your enemies or surroundings. Used for a court case to sway judgment to winning verdict Used to conjure dark energy when using magick to hex someone

A God of love, use this oil for love and enchantment

More Incesne & Oils

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  TCB15 - Charcoal Bricks 33mm
The Kings Charcoal... lights every time!

10ct Package $2.75       
Small coals last about 1 hour... perfect for home or personal rituals

TCB16 - Charcoal Bricks 44mm
Large Charcoal
10ct Package $5.00       

Large coals last about 2 hour... great for Sabot, Full Moons & Coven size rituals

TCB15B -Box of Charcoal Bricks 33mm

Box of 10 Packages $28.00       

TCB16B - Box of Large Charcoal Bricks 44mm

Best value!

Box of 10 Packages $35.00    

Chandan Dhoop
This popular Indian dhoop is from the Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory
and is firmer and slower burning than our other dhoop, with a slightly lighter fragrance.

16 Dhoop logs per box          TIDP16

nagchampa, Only 1.00 per packet!

TISN15  15 Gram box only $1.50   
    TISN40  40 Gram box only $3.00

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