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Points of Light Inc offers high quality, hand-crafted oils and incenses custom blended for a distinct consistency. Both Oils and Incense are available in the following fragrances.

Magickally Charged
Blended Powdered Incense & Purpose Oils
But powdered incense will never hurt me!

Mystical Array of Oils & Incense


Purpose oils &  fragrant Magick Powdered incense have been blended for at the correct time of the moon & with just the right aroma concentration. Oils may be used for ritual anointing, candle burning rites, or as a body fragrance, giving you an edge over the mundane.  The powdered incense is made from lots of herbs, essence oils & other natural product, much the way that out fore-witches did...
by hand, by love & by the moon.

Purpose Blends

Dark of the Moon Demeter Desire Me Devil's Trap
The Irish-Celtic god of the earth and treaties, and ruler over life and death Uncovers hidden mysteries, bring the truth to the light. Increased psychic ability Greek Goddess, Protectress of Women, opens doorways to occult mysteries, for those who wish to become pregnant. Used to cause a strong sexual desire in anyone around you Rub on outside of doorknobs and windowsills of home to protect against evil

Domination Dove's Blood Dreams Dragon's Air
To be assured of correct answers while divining or scrying, anoint yourself, your medium and a purple candle Used to dominate and control
Gives success and intensifies power of any love spell where there has been problems Anoint forehead before going to sleep or a blue candle to send dreams and the ability to remember them For the eastern quadrant when practicing Dragon Magick

Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Earth  Dragon's Fire Dragon's Mist Dragon's Spirit
For strengthening the circle  when practicing Dragon Magick For the northern quadrant when practicing Dragon Magick For the southern quadrant when practicing Dragon Magick For matters of the heart  when practicing Dragon Magick For honoring dragon at the head of the altar when practicing Dragon Magick

Dragon's Water
Drawing Drive and Bind Druid Altar Easy Life
For the western quadrant when practicing Dragon Magick To draw someone or something closer to you when used with an orange candle To drive away opposition and bind unruly forces to your will, can be used for love spells as well as power Used to bless the altar for elemental use in the Celtic tradition Used bring wealth and all wants to you

 Ellegua Empowerment Enchantment Exorcism
The use of this oil on the body builds a spell binding attractiveness and beauty for its user, alluring scent Used in opening roads and communications with other gods For self empowerment.  Boost a deflated ego.  Self confidence Used to enchant and entice people around you
Used to remove negative spirits

Fast Luck
Fairy Fertility

  Fiery Command

Used to bring luck quickly To call and entices  fairies to come to your aid. To make an area fertile for something new to grow.  To get pregnant To make someone faithful when they have not been

Fire of Love
Follow Me Boy Follow Me Girl Forget Me Not Forgiveness
Used to increase your sexuality and draw others to you
Use to attract the affections of many men at one time, perfect if you have nobody particular in mind Use to attract the affections of many women at one time, perfect if you have nobody particular in mind Used to keep you in the mind of an absent lover Use on a blue and green candle to gain forgiveness when needed

More Incense & Oils

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  TCB15 - Charcoal Bricks 33mm
The Kings Charcoal... lights every time!

10ct Package $2.75       
Small coals last about 1 hour... perfect for home or personal rituals

TCB16 - Charcoal Bricks 44mm
Large Charcoal
10ct Package $5.00       

Large coals last about 2 hour... great for Sabot, Full Moons & Coven size rituals

TCB15B -Box of Charcoal Bricks 33mm

Box of 10 Packages $28.00       

TCB16B - Box of Large Charcoal Bricks 44mm

Best value!

Box of 10 Packages $35.00    


nagchampa, Only 1.00 per packet!

TISN15  15 Gram box only $1.50        TISN40  40 Gram box only $3.00

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