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Points of Light Inc offers high quality, hand-crafted oils and incenses custom blended for a distinct consistency. Both Oils and Incense are available in the following fragrances.

Magickally Charged
Blended Powdered Incense & Purpose Oils
But powdered incense will never hurt me!

Planetary Oils & Incense


Purpose oils &  fragrant Magick Powdered incense have been blended for at the correct time of the moon & with just the right aroma concentration. Oils may be used for ritual anointing, candle burning rites, or as a body fragrance, giving you an edge over the mundane.  The powdered incense is made from lots of herbs, essence oils & other natural product, much the way that out fore-witches did...
by hand, by love & by the moon.


These Planetary Oils are blended to aid the balancing and enhancing of their aspects!


Incense & Purpose Oils Incense Powder Purpose oil 
2 drams

Purpose Oils
1/2 oz.

$4.00 per 1 oz. Jar
$4.00 per bottle

$6.00 per bottle




Use on a YELLOW candle for healing, vitality, strength, promotions, all Solar influences, consciousness, the will, power, vitality, masculine yang, the basic drive for significance, psychic and physical energy, stamina, the experience of being fathered, rulers and authority figures, integrity, individuality
Moon Use on a BLUE candle to induce psychic dreams, to speed healing, to facilitate sleep, to increase fertility, wear at the time of the full moon to attune to its vibrations, unconsciousness, material substance, female yin, receptivity, emotions, heredity, past, mother, nurture, family, domestic life, wife, change, instincts, habits, feelings of belonging or alienation, the masses, containment
Mars Use on a RED candle as a power oil with a strong male energy, also used by women where appropriate. Wear on hands and wrists to increase power, energy, vitality and passion, ego, aggression, sexual drive, individuality, survival, yang,  courage, sports, competition, war, stamina, independent in relationships, conflict, force, vigor, mechanical ability
Mercury Use on an ORANGE candle. Wear to influence communication, intelligence, travel, rational thinking, reason, communication language, duality, writing, memory, creating associations, symbolization, skills, protection in short journeys, movement, transportation, versatility, siblings
Jupiter Use on a PURPLE candle to aid in meditation and spiritual enlightenment. In magick, it is used to communicate with animals and expansion of goals obtained on a small scale to a larger one. expansive principle, good fortune, religion, philosophy, travel, material abundance vs. waste & extravagance, understanding and higher education vs. wanderer and dilettante, integration into society, optimism -- rules the thighs, liver, hips, pituitary gland, cell nutrition
Venus Use on a GREEN candle to attract love and friendships, to promote beauty,  relatedness, values, social urges, art, beauty, creation, attraction, luck, personal magnetism, money, nurturing mother love, sensuality, bonding energy, harmony and merging
Saturn Use on a BLACK candle for protection, karma, manifestation.  Wear to break negative habits, when looking for a house, to create an aura of mystery around you, when going antiquing to find bargains, fear, time, structure, karma, consolidation, the father, old age, tests, discipline, collective law/reality, school, teachers, contraction, responsibility, obligation, ambition
Uranus unpredictable change, intuition, genius, individualism, independence, higher octave of Mercury, freedom, social reform, rebels, inventions, electricity, joining of the personal to the collective consciousness and the group mind
Neptune Use a BLUE candle to increase sensitivity, psychic and mystical capacity, dreams, illusion, delusion, deception, the higher octave of Venus, drugs, alcohol, obligation, bondage, fog
Pluto  Use a BLACK candle for death of old habits & rebirth to new ones, sex, evolution, degeneration and regeneration, and causes the breakdown of psychological blocks that prevent evolutionary growth. 
Vulcan Use an ORANGE candle and focus on this planet to find the truth in deceptions, allow for spiritual enlightenment, spirituality, mysticism, and ideals, release derangement,  guilt, persecution

These Elemental Oils are blended to aid in the call of each element and the
containing of elementals at each ritual!


Incense & Purpose Oils Incense Powder Purpose oil 
2 drams

Purpose Oils
1/2 oz.

$5.00 per 1 oz. Jar
$5.00 per bottle

$7.00 per bottle



Earth Evoke the powers of the Earth to bring money, prosperity, abundance, stability and foundation.  For use in the northern quadrant and Earth Elemental rituals
Air Evoke the powers of Air and to promote clear thinking, for travel spells, and to overcome addictions.  For use in the eastern quadrant and Air Elemental rituals
Fire Evoke the powers of Fire, such as energy, courage, strength, passion and will power.  For use in the southern quadrant and Fire Elemental rituals
Water Evoke the powers of Water promote love, healing, psychic awareness, purification  For use in the western quadrant and Water Elemental rituals
Spirit Use to summon help from the other world and dimensions
Elemental Use to balance all five elements.


More Incense & Oil

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three kings charcoals TCB15 - Charcoal Bricks 33mm
The Kings Charcoal... lights every time!

10ct Package $2.75       
Small coals last about 1 hour... perfect for home or personal rituals

TCB16 - Charcoal Bricks 44mm
Large Charcoal
10ct Package $5.00       

Large coals last about 2 hour... great for Sabot, Full Moons & Coven size rituals

TCB15B -Box of Charcoal Bricks 33mm

Box of 10 Packages $28.00       

TCB16B - Box of Large Charcoal Bricks 44mm

Best value!

Box of 10 Packages $35.00    

dhoop sticks

Chandan Dhoop
This popular Indian dhoop is from the Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory
and is firmer and slower burning than our other dhoop, with a slightly lighter fragrance.

16 Dhoop logs per box          TIDP16

nagchampa, Only £1.00 per packet!

TISN15  15 Gram box only $1.75   
    TISN40  40 Gram box only $3.00


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