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Points of Light Inc offers high quality, hand-crafted oils and incenses custom blended for a distinct consistency. Both Oils and Incense are available in the following fragrances.

Magickally Charged
Blended Powdered Incense & Purpose Oils
But powdered incense will never hurt me!

Mystical Array of Oils & Incense


Purpose oils &  fragrant Magick Powdered incense have been blended for at the correct time of the moon & with just the right aroma concentration. Oils may be used for ritual anointing, candle burning rites, or as a body fragrance, giving you an edge over the mundane.  The powdered incense is made from lots of herbs, essence oils & other natural product, much the way that out fore-witches did...
by hand, by love & by the moon.

Purpose Blends




Seven Powers


It is said that this oil will help you to seduce anyone you may choose when worn as a perfume.
Anoint behind the ears, under the left armpit, in back of the neck and between the thighs.

Egyptian Lion Goddess. Her name means "Powerful" once aligned with her, she will guard you and bring you success in any battle.

Used to break any relationship. To get rid of someone, or to separate a couple, anoint black candles and sprinkle it around their house

Brings the help of the Seven Major Planets and Archangels to your aid. Can be used for any positive goal

Renders your partner unable to have sex with anyone other than you when put on a black gender candle.


Shower of Gold

Siren's Song



Shiva is called the Destroyer, but has also the aspect of regeneration

Used to produce money and wealth. Use when money is needed in a hurry. Anoint coins, cash and candles with it

Useful in calling a lover home or to you.  Anoint a white skull candle and call his name three time, them tell them what you want them to hear!  Also for contacting Faeries connected with the Water element: Undines, Naiads, Sirens

Used to protect and heal. To assure the solution to a money problem anoint a green cat candle with the amount of money needed written on it. Place some money under the candle and burn candle over it

An Egyptian god who brings fertility from the Nile waters to many aspects of life. He symbolized the power of the pharaohs

Special Favors

Spell Breaker

Spirit Guide


Super Q

To get much needed help when things are truly desperate draws spirits to give you all your needs, desires and wishes, best when used with the "Serpent Seal" or the "Seal of Magic".

Removes difficult spells and hexes that someone has put on you. Also, protects against future spells if put into the bath water once a week

Used to contact your spirit guide and when working with higher beings from the other side

Used for success and achievement of goals . Wear as a perfume to insure that all undertakings in all areas of your life will thrive, flourish and be fruitful. Also use on gold and/or orange candles

Used by women only, attracts both love an success

Sure to Win




Third Eye

Rub on hands before undertaking any games of chance to sway lady luck in your direction

Ware on the body when performing tartaric rights to keep you focus

Wear on person when giving readings with cards to help open psychic centers and improve clairvoyant abilities, also anoint your silk bag that you carry your cards in to help keep the vibrations clear and attuned

A power Oil of a High Spiritual Vibration which draws in the positive qualities of the five points of the Pentagram, protection on all five levels.

To open the third eye.  To control how much you see when it opens.  To relieve a headache when the third eye opens

Thoth / Student



Van Van


Used in all Egyptian magick pertaining to the god Thoth. Helps you remember what you have studied

To make someone tell you the truth, anoint a chair they will sit in and they will speak the truth, also to know the truth in any situation, try dreaming true, anoint a seal of truth and a blue candle place the seal under your pillow and go to sleep

Used for hex breaking and jinx removing. Removes all types of  curses and crossed conditions, also anoint a white and black candle and wear on person

Anoint charms, seals and talismans to increase their power, also use with any other positive purpose oil on a candle to amplify its potency

Used to be alluring to others of the opposite sex and draw love into you when working with the goddess Venus


Voo Doo

Wealthy Way

White Knight

Wild Pagan Nights

Wear on person to aid in clairvoyance and also a Pendulum, Crystal ball and Magic Mirrors to increase their already charged power

To destroy an enemy's power write his name nine e times on parchment with this oil and then burn it in the flame of a black candle and bury the ashes

Burn for when money is needed, anoint a green cat candle with wealthy way oil after you have inscribed the amount of money needed for one purpose.

To find a real man, who is a gentleman and has no problem with the woman you are

For a good night out on the town or a hot night in " the sack"






Will give you that extra strength to overcome a bad habit such as lose weight, stop drugs, etc....

Used with a purple and blue candle to increase intuition and bring wisdom, It aids in clarity and concentration.

Anoint a purple candle and write on parchment what you wish and place under the candle, concentrate, by the time the candle ignites the parchment your wish will have come true Gives extra power and benefits, youthful thoughts and zest for life, also the perfect Thank You oil when problems are solved. Used to remove all barriers in the waning moon Used in Santeria for YaMya to bring in fertility, nurturing and protection

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3 kings coals TCB15 - Charcoal Bricks 33mm
The Kings Charcoal... lights every time!

10ct Package $2.75       
Small coals last about 1 hour... perfect for home or personal rituals

TCB16 - Charcoal Bricks 44mm
Large Charcoal
10ct Package $5.00       

Large coals last about 2 hour... great for Sabot, Full Moons & Coven size rituals

TCB15B -Box of Charcoal Bricks 33mm

Box of 10 Packages $28.00       

TCB16B - Box of Large Charcoal Bricks 44mm

Best value!

Box of 10 Packages $35.00    

dhoop stixs

Chandan Dhoop
This popular Indian dhoop is from the Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory
and is firmer and slower burning than our other dhoop, with a slightly lighter fragrance.

16 Dhoop logs per box          TIDP16

nagchampa, Only £1.00 per packet!

TISN15  15 Gram box only $1.50   
    TISN40  40 Gram box only $3.00


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