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One of A Kinds

Points of Light Inc on Line has numerous one of a kind items.
If you are looking for an item that really stands out
above all of the rest... this is your page! Sense these are one of a kind pieces
- when they are gone they are gone!
So if you see something that "tickles your metaphysical fancy"
get it while its' HOT!

citrine This is an extremely rare stone. Natural Citrine, Tourmaline, Rutilated.This piece is for the avide stone collector.
3 1/2" high 2" wide.
quartz Ah the wonders of quartz. Full of rainbows mostly clear. 2 1/2" high 2"wide
stone blade


Handcrafted Black Amethyst Athame. Large Quartz blade, further empowered with a Boulder Opal imbedded in copper. A truly inspired piece!

rose quartz blade



Rose Quartz with a Elkhorn blade. Energy enhanced with an Amethyst inbreeded in cooper.

rose quarts blade 2


Rose quartz blade and guard. Quartz and Amethyst held in the center by copper

quartz blade Quartz blade and guard athame with a Chariote in the center held by copper. $265.00
stone blade 2 Marble Jasper guard, Quartz blade Athame with a Opal and a Rainbow Moonstone held by copper Athame.





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Updated 11/02/07